Originally from Belgorod Ivan Kresin passed the training as a teacher of foreign languages in Russia and in Germany, having learnt and currently applying more than 8 different languages. During his study and attending various language courses Ivan gathered many ideas and practical solutions in the field of learning and teaching languages and worked out an approach that combines the most effective techniques that he ever was confronted with.

As a native speaker Ivan mostly applies his experience for teaching Russian language that for many is a big challenge to learn.

“I try to help those who want or need to know Russian, who come to study here, have business or just like how it sounds. Nowadays it's not hard to learn a new language, you just need to get used to the basic structures and here you might need a teacher, but then you can just watch foreign TV, soap operas, listen to the music, translating songs. This will lead you to the result.”

Besides teaching, other Ivan's passions include painting, cinema and yoga. Now Ivan is 26, in his free time he can refresh one of the languages, draw a portrait of a famous actor or meet with friends in the city.